My message to you all today was meant to be about the courses we have with remaining spaces, the exciting launch of our VTCT courses and also our 2021 course dates. However, more will follow on those later as I felt I wanted to write a more personal message to you all as we are now heading into our fourth week of lock down.

 I have been spending a lot of time doing online LIVE TUTORIALS and virtual meetings with our graduates to ensure they have the right skills and head space to turn this period into a productive time. This is something I have enjoyed for years and something I’m now able to do in a virtual way. Rather than fall silent for the next few months, I have been the absolute opposite as it’s so important for myself to really offer support fully and unconditionally to all our graduates.

 I have also created a new marketing plan for the academies, for when we open, and I have been creating various mood boards and detailing some course structures to come back stronger than ever. I don’t know about you, but I have found this time is giving me space to look at my ideas and turn them into a reality – more so now than ever before. I will later in the week send out the info on our new VTCT  Diploma course and our 2021 Dates, but today I wanted to write what was on my mind which I hope makes you smile 🙂 

A lot of people I know are saying 2020 is written off but for me I am staying positive for myself, my family, my team, my industry and also for the business so we can continue to be one of the Leading Top Training Schools in the World. We all know 2020 is not over, this year was meant to be the year of amazing transformations and new beginnings for many of us. Which I still feel it is. In a time of cruel reality, pondering as to why we are in this situation and questioning why this awful virus is out there, I’m feeling as if this is a time to be reflective. Like many, I am now looking at this as a way of giving us the time to do all the things we don’t usually have time for and I have a huge feeling of gratitude to be in a job that I absolutely love and feel very fulfilled in. I have found a true purpose to where I am right now.

I now have more time with my teenage sons, something I was not getting enough of (more because of their age than anything else!) Now we have time to talk, to create and to laugh more! And wow that feels good! More time for yourself, more self-love, exercise, to be creative, to share knowledge with our DFMA graduates, to motivate and connect the communities, to give huge support to those that have completed courses (which is what we have always been about but now on a much larger level), to help neighbours, to know neighbours! To know what’s important, to feel humbled, to sing and learn something new. One week I started to learn macramé to keep my hands busy and my thoughts on something beautiful, which is a great thing to do for mindfulness.  Also taking great pleasure in designing more courses and having the time to ensure its going to deliver an exceptional standard of make up artists to the world. Don’t get me wrong not every day in my house is as positive as today as I am writing this to you all. 

I feel I have a new outlook on life ahead and I continue to make plans as ever.

 I don’t want to change anything that was the before, as I had already got to a place and a job that worked around the life I wanted for myself and my family, and I feel very fortunate that all those years of hard work paid off and offered myself and my family freedom. I now want to help others more so than ever to be in a life they love every day, to feel their purpose and to be happy in what they do. I get great satisfaction in seeing such great success stories from our graduates and how choosing the path they feel passionate about has changed their lives!

So, my message to you all today is: 

The current situation we are in is a once in a lifetime opportunity (unfortunately not in a positive way) but let’s make it one. First of all stay in and still achieve most of the things you wanted to in life and have talked about but always say you don’t have time to do such things, make plans, keep to a light structure… now is the time. Pick up that book you bought all those years ago and start reading and learning, look at our online courses (maybe a change in a career is ahead), make a daily planner of at least three things you want to achieve this could be reading 5 chapters of a book, exercise for 20 minutes, work on a career plan for an hour.  Make a plan every other day and have a purpose or the next 8 weeks will go by and you will come out of isolation with no achievements.  Now is time as you have the time. 

Please stay safe and I look forward to hopefully meeting you all in the future.

Davinia  xxx

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